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Black diamond oyster bar


since 1968

 The Black Diamond Oyster Bar is a 50 year long, Corpus Christi born, family tradition that’s currently four generations in the making. That tradition is, of course, for fresh, local oysters, and southern seafood done right. Since 1968 the diamond has had several locations, but has always been Pollard owned, and always maintained the same sort of atmosphere; An off the map hole in the wall, that serves up some of Corpus Christi’s best seafood and service. Then in 2016, Tom Starr built the most recent incarnation of the diamond in Flour Bluff, which resembles a friend’s house, more than anything. If the friend had a live stage in his backyard that showcased some of the local talent on the weekends, that is. Now with Tom, his wife Nicole, Derrell and Rhonda Pollard, the four of them keep Doyle Pollard’s legacy alive.

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